Injection Molding Machine Maintenance – The Electrical System

The electrical system of an injection molding machine is an important system for the proper operation of today’s molding machines. This is particularly true for the newer all-electric machines that more and more molding plants are using. The electrical system requires regularly scheduled and standardized component examination and maintenance. The operating and nerve center of […]

Injection Molding Technician Training

Different injection molding plants use different titles for what are essentially the same job functions. In one injection molding plant an “Operator” may have the duties that a “Molding Technician” has in another plant. When Paulson is evaluating the training needs of a prospective injection molding customer, we always need to keep that in mind. […]

Sample of Scientific Molding Training

The below video is from Paulson Training Programs, Inc. interactive programs titled Practical Injection Molding – Expert Module. In this module, the student learns the latest advanced techniques for optimizing their molding process using Scientific Molding principles. This is just a short segment of a much more in-depth course. The 4 interactive lessons in the […]

Scientific Molding in the Real World

You don’t very often pick up an injection molding publication, visit a website, go to a conference or just shoot the breeze during lunch at the injection molding plant with the phrase scientific injection molding coming up. This is a term that was first popularized by John Bozzelli through his seminars and many articles. The […]

The Practical Application of Scientific Injection Molding

The era when the injection molder could only learn molding by trial and error on the production floor is largely over. Today, molding companies can combine scientific molding with molding experience to develop skilled, problem-solving employees in months instead of years. The scientific approach to molding requires molders to understand that the machine controls affect […]